Complete Outdoor Transformation: Decking, Screened Porch, and Patio in Aldie, VA

Project Overview:

Embark on an outdoor adventure with our transformative project situated in Aldie, VA. This comprehensive endeavor revolved around the creation of a brand-new decking area, an enclosed screened porch, and a stunning blend of concrete and paver patio spaces.

New Decking Area:

A fresh decking area was meticulously crafted, designed to enhance the outdoor living experience. This inviting space offers a versatile area for relaxation and entertainment, blending functionality with aesthetic appeal.

Enclosed Screened Porch:

The addition of an enclosed screened porch elevates comfort and convenience, providing a sheltered space while allowing the outdoors to be enjoyed without the intrusion of pests. This sanctuary is ideal for serene moments and cozy gatherings.


Our Aldie, VA project epitomizes the art of outdoor transformation. From the creation of a welcoming decking area to the addition of an enclosed screened porch and the harmonious fusion of concrete and paver patio spaces, this project redefines outdoor living. This comprehensive endeavor seamlessly merges functionality, comfort, and aesthetics to craft an inviting outdoor retreat.

Concrete/Paver Patio Fusion:

A meticulously designed concrete and paver patio fusion was incorporated, offering a captivating and durable surface. This blended patio space combines the sturdiness of concrete with the intricate elegance of pavers, creating a multifunctional outdoor haven.