Seamless Integration: On-Ground Deck & Natural Travertine Pavers in Annandale, VA

Project Overview:

Explore the seamless synergy of indoor-outdoor living in our remarkable project nestled in Annandale, VA. This venture focused on the construction of an on-ground deck, seamlessly connected to an existing covered porch and featuring newly installed natural travertine pavers, creating a harmonious transition between spaces.

On-Ground Deck Extension:

An on-ground deck was meticulously constructed, seamlessly extending from the existing covered porch. This extension not only enhances the outdoor area but also serves as an inviting space for leisure and relaxation.

Natural Travertine Pavers:

Newly installed natural travertine pavers grace the outdoor space, laid atop a concrete base. These pavers exude timeless elegance and offer a durable and visually appealing surface, blending nature's beauty with functional design.


Our project in Annandale, VA, exemplifies the art of harmonizing spaces. From the carefully constructed on-ground deck extending from the covered porch to the installation of natural travertine pavers, this project redefines outdoor elegance and functionality. The seamless connection between the deck and pavers offers a serene and inviting environment for outdoor living.

Seamless Connection & Integration:

The deliberate connection between the on-ground deck and the natural travertine pavers creates a seamless transition, marrying the aesthetics of both spaces and enhancing the overall appeal of the outdoor area.