Timeless Revival: Full Home Remodeling in Silver Spring, MD

Project Overview:

Nestled in the vibrant community of Silver Spring, Maryland, this full home remodeling project represents the seamless fusion of restoration and modernization. Mosaic Design & Build embarked on a transformative journey to revitalize a home with a 70's architectural style, addressing termite damage and breathing new life into the property.

Termite Damage Resolution:

The project began with addressing significant termite damage that affected structural members of the home. Meticulous efforts were made to resolve these issues, ensuring the integrity and stability of the property for its revitalization.

Structural Restoration:

Damaged structural members were replaced and repaired to rectify the impact of the termite infestation. This restoration process laid the groundwork for the renovation, ensuring a solid foundation for the upcoming remodeling endeavors.

Silver Spring's Community Renewal:

Located within the vibrant community of Silver Spring, MD, this renovation project contributes to the area's renewal, revitalizing the architectural landscape while preserving the neighborhood's character.


The full home remodeling in Silver Spring, MD, exemplifies our commitment to marrying restoration with modernization. It represents a harmonious blend of heritage preservation and contemporary living, breathing new life into a space with a rich history.

Architectural Transformation:

The home's dated 70's architectural design underwent a captivating revival. The remodeling efforts were curated to honor the property's original essence while introducing modern elements, resulting in a harmonious blend of vintage charm and contemporary sophistication.

Modernization with Heritage Preservation:

The remodeling process honored the historical significance of the home while infusing it with modern conveniences. From fixtures to finishes, each aspect was carefully selected to uphold the integrity of the original design while enhancing functionality.