Elevated Decking & Outdoor Haven: Great Falls, VA Oasis

Project Overview:

Step into a harmonious blend of functionality and luxury in our exceptional project located in Great Falls, VA. This endeavor centered on crafting an elevated decking space adorned with Timbertech boards, clear glass handrails, weatherproof PVC covering, and an exquisite outdoor living area featuring a swimming pool and a Wolf gas grill outdoor kitchen.

Timbertech Decking Elegance:

The elevated decking boasts premium Timbertech decking boards, combining durability and elegance to create a refined outdoor area. Its resilient surface serves as a captivating space for relaxation and entertainment.

Clear Glass Handrails & Weatherproof PVC Covering:

Clear glass handrails offer unobstructed views, providing safety without compromising the aesthetics. Weatherproof PVC covering, painted to match the existing house trim colors, ensures durability and a seamless integration with the house's design.


Our Great Falls, VA project is a testament to crafting outdoor spaces that marry elegance with functionality. From the elevated Timbertech decking and clear glass handrails to the weatherproof PVC covering and the integrated swimming pool, this project redefines outdoor luxury. The addition of the Wolf gas grill outdoor kitchen completes this exquisite outdoor haven.

Blended Ground Swimming Pool:

Designed to harmonize with the decking, a thoughtfully blended ground swimming pool becomes an inviting oasis, offering a serene retreat for leisure and relaxation.

Wolf Gas Grill Outdoor Kitchen:

An outdoor kitchen space, featuring a high-performance Wolf gas grill and an outdoor refrigerator, was meticulously crafted. This culinary haven elevates outdoor dining experiences, offering convenience and sophistication.