Seamless Integration: Detached 2-Car Garage Addition in Round Hill, VA

Project Overview:

Discover the perfect union of functionality and aesthetics in our project nestled in Round Hill, VA. This undertaking was dedicated to the design and construction of a detached 2-car garage addition, seamlessly integrated with the existing structure, enhancing both utility and visual appeal.

Purposeful Design:

The project commenced with meticulous planning, ensuring that the design of the new garage complemented and respected the existing structure. Attention was given to harmonizing architectural elements for a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing outcome.

Custom-built 2-Car Garage:

Craftsmanship and precision defined the construction phase, resulting in the creation of a custom-built 2-car garage. Every aspect of the addition was thoughtfully executed, from foundation to roofing, to ensure durability and functionality.


Our Round Hill, VA project epitomizes the art of thoughtful construction. From the purposeful design and custom construction of the detached 2-car garage to its seamless integration with the existing structure, this addition stands as a testament to our commitment to creating functional spaces that blend seamlessly with their surroundings.

Harmonious Integration:

Seamlessly integrated with the existing structure, the new garage addition aligns effortlessly, adding value and convenience to the property while maintaining the architectural integrity of the surroundings.