Modern Elegance: Timbertech Decking and Techo-Bloc Paver Patio in Great Falls, VA

Project Overview:

Discover the epitome of modern outdoor living in our distinguished project located in Great Falls, VA. This endeavor focused on elevating outdoor spaces with the installation of premium Timbertech decking and a meticulously crafted Techo-Bloc paver patio.

Timbertech Decking: Durability and Style:

The addition of Timbertech decking redefined the outdoor area, offering not only durability but also an understated elegance. This sophisticated decking solution provides a resilient and visually appealing platform for outdoor activities and relaxation.


Our project in Great Falls, VA, stands as a testament to our dedication to crafting outdoor spaces that blend durability, style, and functionality. From the premium Timbertech decking to the meticulously crafted Techo-Bloc paver patio, this project redefines outdoor elegance and comfort.

Techo-Bloc Paver Patio: Stylish Versatility:

Adjacent to the decking, a Techo-Bloc paver patio was intricately laid, accentuating the outdoor space with style and versatility. This meticulously designed patio offers a charming setting for various outdoor pursuits and leisurely moments.