Contemporary Transformation: New Construction Interior Design in Haymarket, VA

Project Overview:

Nestled in the serene surroundings of Haymarket, Virginia, this new construction project signifies a modern reinterpretation of architectural design. Mosaic Design & Build embarked on a transformative journey to elevate the interiors, infusing contemporary elements and redefining living spaces.

Porch Conversion:

The project commenced with a porch conversion, seamlessly integrating the outdoor and indoor living areas. The revamped space serves as an inviting transition zone, blurring the boundaries between nature and the comfort of the home's interior.

Living Room Wall Design:

Innovative design concepts were implemented to breathe life into the living room. A meticulously crafted wall design became the focal point, marrying functionality with aesthetics. This statement wall redefines the room's character, adding depth and visual intrigue.

Location's Tranquil Appeal:

Situated in the picturesque surroundings of Haymarket, VA, this project embraces the area's tranquil charm. The design update not only enhances the property but also resonates with the serene essence of its surroundings.


The new construction architectural interior design update in Haymarket, VA, exemplifies our commitment to redefining spaces with a contemporary aesthetic. It represents a seamless integration of architectural elements, showcasing the art of transforming interiors for sophisticated, modern living.

Flooring Updates:

A harmonious blend of functionality and style was achieved through flooring updates. Modern and durable materials were selected, transforming the underfoot experience while complementing the overall design scheme.

Fusion of Contemporary Elegance:

The design update effortlessly merges contemporary elegance with functional practicality. Each element, from the porch conversion to the living room's statement wall and flooring, harmonizes to create an inviting, cohesive ambiance.