Elevated Elegance: First-Floor Decking and Paver Patio Project in McLean, VA

Project Overview:

Situated in the prestigious locale of McLean, Virginia, this remarkable project by Mosaic Design & Build redefines outdoor living. The endeavor aimed to create an elevated space blending innovation, style, and functionality.

Heat-Resistant Decking and Modern Handrails:

The first-floor level decking features cutting-edge heat-resistant decking boards, ensuring durability and comfort underfoot. Complementing this, sleek black aluminum modern-style handrails adorn the perimeter, adding a touch of contemporary sophistication.

Waterproofing with T-Rex Rainscape System:

Underneath the deck, a waterproofing system by T-Rex Rainscape was expertly installed, ensuring the preservation of both the deck and the paver patio, providing protection from the elements and allowing for added functionality.

Stylish Framing Covered with PVC Boards:

The entire deck framing was elegantly covered with white PVC boards, not just enhancing aesthetics but also ensuring durability and minimal maintenance. This meticulous finish adds a clean and polished look to the deck's structure.

Expansive Paver Patio with Techo-Bloc Stones:

Below the deck, a sprawling paver patio unfolds, spanning over 1000 square feet and adorned with Techo-Bloc paver stones. This spacious patio offers versatility for outdoor activities and entertainment while exuding timeless elegance.


The first-floor level decking project in McLean, VA, completed by Mosaic Design & Build, epitomizes the fusion of design innovation and superior craftsmanship. It stands as a testament to creating outdoor spaces that seamlessly blend luxury, functionality, and enduring beauty.

McLean's Refined Living:

Located in the distinguished McLean, VA, this project encapsulates the essence of sophisticated outdoor living, contributing to the area's upscale character while offering an exquisite retreat for homeowners to unwind and entertain.