Timeless Revival: Full Home Remodeling in Fort Washington, MD

Project Overview:

Nestled in the historical charm of Fort Washington, Maryland, this transformative project embraces the essence of heritage while ushering in modernity. Mosaic Design & Build embarked on a visionary journey to revitalize a 1950s home, ensuring it's not just restored but reborn for the next homeowner.

Respectful Restoration:

Preserving the nostalgia of the original structure, the project meticulously retained the architectural integrity while modernizing all underlying systems. Every facet, from the foundation to the roofline, was meticulously inspected and upgraded to meet contemporary standards.

Comprehensive Upgrades:

The heart of this project lies in the comprehensive overhaul of electrical, mechanical, and plumbing systems. From state-of-the-art wiring to efficient HVAC and modern plumbing fixtures, the home now boasts functionality that aligns with today's comforts and conveniences.

Fort Washington's Legacy:

Situated in the historic enclave of Fort Washington, MD, this project honors the heritage of the area while breathing new life into its fabric. The remodel not only elevates the property but also contributes to the enduring legacy of the community.


The full home remodeling project in Fort Washington, MD, embodies our commitment to preserving history while embracing modernity. It's a testament to the art of restoration and reimagining spaces for the next generation, blending heritage with the promise of comfortable, sophisticated living.

Architectural Design Features:

Beyond the technical upgrades, the home underwent a metamorphosis in its aesthetic appeal. Architectural design features were introduced, paying homage to the property's history while incorporating modern elements that seamlessly blend into the narrative of the home's evolution.

Tailored for Modern Living:

The remodel was conceptualized with the next homeowner in mind. Spaces were optimized for functionality and flexibility, catering to the demands of contemporary lifestyles while retaining the charm of the home's original character.